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Fall and Christmas collection


Hint on further products!!!!

We are already doing business research for the happiest time of the year! I have experimented one type of jar and they turned out so cute! We are selling big time in November! Bigger than the farmers market!!!!!! 💗💗💗  Can't wait till we get to show them to y'all!!!!

Tissue mason jars!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready for this? Adorable tissue mason jars! These jars are valued at $15 on our store, so if you want to buy one, two, or ten jars contact us! These jars are great as mother's day gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for your teachers and finally, a cute decoration for anywhere! When I surprised two of my middle school teachers with these jars they loved them and pulled me into a hug! In the future there may be more mason jar products...hint hint! The tissues can be replenished by buying the Kleenex that you are supposed to put in your car holders. Till next time, Lily.

We're back!!!!!!!!!!

We're back!!!!! My name is Lily and this is my mom and I's business, Lilroodesignz. A lot of things have happened! We have sold many, many times completing large orders, my elementary school's multicultural festive, and sold twice at the farmers market! We even got our TAX ID!!!!!!!!! We are an official business!!!!!! Sure, we have to pay tax, but you have to always look on the bright side, right? Well, I hope you enjoy my business blog!!!!!!!!