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Unicorns for sale!

Just added this sweet unicorn necklace to my Etsy Shop!  I am selling it for only $2 and it includes the adjustable 16 - 18 inch necklace too.  Visit my Etsy Shop at LilRooDesignz or search for LilRooDesignz!

My next few projects are going to be princess themed, so princess lovers come look at my store at Etsy!

Etsy Store Opening!

Congratulations Lily!  We are very proud of you!  We are excited for you and your new adventure!

Lil Roo introduction

Lily began her interest in business at nine years old while in Elementary School.  She decided she wanted to be a fashion designer and started taking sewing lessons.  With her new skills, she created headbands and designs them with love!  Her volleyball team wore her headbands as part of their uniform.  

Lily bought a domain.  She is supportive of her school, and was approved to sell "Scottie" themed items, with a portion of those sales donated to the school’s PTO.  Within weeks of beginning to make headbands, Lily was approached by a vendor who has put in a large order to sell in her craft fair booth.  Lily is an emerging entrepreneur who makes quality products with love.


Congratulations, Lily! 😀